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Company Name Change / Merge

Welcome to the business page of Healthy Lawn LLC of Chapin, SC and my name is Kyle Larabee, the owner and manager of Healthy Lawn. We have been conducting business with our customer base in Chapin and surrounding areas since 2013. We have recently acquired the name Healthy Lawn LLC and merged it with Green Apple Contracting LLC in November 2019. We are home to the Signature Fertilizer Program. We are "Next Generation Lawn Care" We offer lawn care services to the Chapin and surrounding areas. Services Offered: *Signature Healthy Lawn Program- Custom fertilization, weed control * Atlantic Kelp Seaweed *Liquid compost *live beneficial microbes, fungi culture *Humates, Humic acid, fulvic acid *Lawn Insecticides *Fungicides *Core Aeration *Soil Test and Lime Applications *Mole control, Repellent Program *Shrub Care Program *Leaf removal program Mosquito Control Program
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