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Green Apple Contracting Welcome Introduction

Welcome Everyone, 

Meet Green Apple Contracting:

My name is Kyle Larabee and I am the owner of Green Apple Contracting LLC. I was born and raised in Muskegon, Michigan. I enjoy watching sports, specially football in which I am a proud Michigan Wolverine fan "which my fertilizer sale rep is an Ohio State Fan" and enjoy baseball, basketball, hockey and hunting and fishing. I served in the United Stated Marine Corp and now live in Chapin, SC with my wonderful family including my wife and two children. 

When my family and I moved to Chapin, SC we created a small family lawn and landscape retail store and lawn care service division called Healthy Lawn LLC with my in-laws. After 6 years on October 17, 2017 I opened my own lawn and landscape company called Green Apple Contracting LLC in which brings us to today.

I believe that when you never stop striving to learn and evolve, stay dedicated to your goals and practice your core values each day you will be not only successful but also happy. Your personal morals and ethics is the basis for your core values. My personal morals stem from the one and only, Jesus Christ. I believe that this is a continuing circle that you must follow to gain self-success and happiness.

In this sequence

  1. Dedication to Jesus Christ and Family
  2. Continue to learn and evolve
  3. Stay dedicated to your goals
  4. Practice your core values each day

This will equal everlasting success...

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